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My Essential Craft Supply List

Ok, it might be a bit obvious by now, I do do a bit of crafts!

So I keep a ready supply of craft supplies at hand at home. I thought of putting together a list of my essential craft supplies for two reasons. The first being, you’ll have ready the things I usually use when I post a craft activities. The second reason is if you are new at crafting (like I was a while back!) you will be inspired to do your own crafts and perhaps share it on Mumsibles! With these things at hand doing something creative and fun is easy peasy ๐Ÿ™‚ .


1. Card stock and Coloured paper – I keep a steady supply of coloured card and coloured paper. Remember to keep extra lots of white paper and white card so in case you finish your coloured ones, you can always colour the white ones in. DIGITAL CAMERA

2. Foam Craft paper – Foam paper is really easy to use and is a must if you are in need of something thicker than the usual card stock.

2. PVA glue – I’m a big fan of all kinds of glue! But PVA glue can be used on varied surfaces, I just can’t do without it. Right now, I’m in love withย  Multibond PVA glue. Being a squeezable bottle, its mess and waste free and the best part about it is that I don’t have to use my fingers or a brush during application.

3. Sticky Tape – Again, I keep different kinds at hand. I have a stock of normal sticky tape, coloured tape and double sided tape. Always, always comes handy and just makes crafting easier.

5. Tube Rolls – A person I knew commented about how many rolls of tubes I must be having in stock after she saw my Angry Bunnies Post! It’s not just toilet tube rolls I collect, I collect kitchen rolls, baking paper rolls, cling paper rolls, foil rolls and actually any kind of rolls I can come across (there’s a lot of different rolls out there actually!!)! I make it a point to buy napkin rolls instead of the folded paper napkins, this way I can just collect more for the various crafts I can do.


6. Googly Eyes – Wow! Whats the fascination with googly eyes and kids. They just love them and I must admit they are kind of fun. I keep a steady supply of these making sure that I don’t finish my supply.

7. Twine – Now this is just one thing I don’t want to keep searching for, so it’s neatly wound up in my drawer, ready for use when I need it. It’s so easy not to remember that you need some twine, but trust me, you need it – whether it is to bind something together or to hang a craft that you have recently done!

10. Pom poms – You can use pom poms for just about anything, using it as nosesย  or for adding the final touches to a craft.

11. Pipe cleaners – Ah! They are an absolutely versatile craft material that can be used as detail on a craft or it can be used to complete a craft by itself. There are different kinds of pipe cleaners available – coloured, stripes, tinsel – I say use it all ๐Ÿ™‚

The Whiskers of These Bunnies are Made Out of Pipe-Cleaners!

12. Lollipop sticks – you really don’t want to forget these. They really do come handy. Whether you are able to get your hands on the brown or coloured ones, they really help when crafting.

13. Paper Plates & Paper Cups – Keep these handy and there’s so much you can do with them!

I usually haunt the local stationary shop to get my craft supplies, the best bet being Sarasavi Book Shop because they just have such a wide variety of card stock colours and sizes and other crafting supplies. Pom poms, lollipop sticks, foam paper (including glitter foam!!) and googly eyes were really hard to come by but thankfully now they are available at most craft stores and stationary shops – if you still have a problem just head over to the Panther Outlet at Kalubowila and they have a steady supply!

If you need more info on my craft supply list or want to know where I get my stuff, please do comment or mail me at

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