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Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 1

I’m stuck here in Colombo for the holidays and thought I’ll really put my head into it and find some places of interests where Junior and I can enjoy and learn something. Here are my finds!


I often complain that there aren’t much things for kids to do in Colombo (sorry!) but that’s partly my fault, because when I really put my head into it, I found plenty of places. Just goes to saying that I haven’t really looked around before!! So, I thought I’ll put together a list of places where you can take your kids out if you too are stuck for the holidays.

1. Traditional Puppet Art Museum 

I just love this place. So serene and airy. The puppets were simply gorgeous. As you enter the museum, there is a long corridor. On each side of the corridor, gorgeous traditional puppets are hung. Some are ‘hamines’, devils and so much more. There are several themed rooms with different puppets, each room is based on a traditional Sri Lankan folklore. They allow pictures to be taken, so don’t forget your camera. They also have group ‘puppet shows’ that take place, however, these are pre-scheduled and are in Sinhala.

You might want to consider taking younger children, there are several puppets – the traditional devils who might come out a little bit scary, but for the older child, it’s a beautiful experience. The museum also has a ‘souvenir section’ that sells traditional masks and puppets all decently priced Rs. 1500 upwards. Tickets are very decently priced at Rs.50 for adults and children. It’s really worth the visit!


Contact Details – Traditional Puppet Art Museum, Anagarika Dharmapala Mw, (Karagampitiya Rd), Pinwatta, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka. Tel: 0112714241 Mobile +94773259181.

2. Beach

Ok, so I might be stating the obvious but really we do take being so close to the beach for granted. Why not pack a picnic basket, get a few beach toys (I usually take some dump trucks and a digger and that keeps Junior busy for hours!). So whether you choose to shack up close to a restaurant and get your meals from them or carry a picnic basket, the beach is loads of super fun!


3.  Sri Lanka Airforce Museum – Ratmalana

I visited the SLAF Museum two years back and I can’t really remember how much the tickets were back then (I think Rs.20 per kid and Rs. 80 an adult). There were various exhibits of planes which was really interesting for Junior and me both. There was a hangar with planes and helicopters as well as an open air space with planes. At the time I visited, pictures were allowed so don’t forget to take your camera.

The souvenir shop here was well more organized, For starters, it’s AC which during the heat was just fab! But apart from the comforts of the  AC, there were mugs, t-shirts, key chains, pens, pencils, tea sets and model planes.

It’s well worth the experience. Not too far from Colombo it’s just behind the Ratmalana Airport.


Contact Details :

4. German Toy Museum

After having passed this place for nearly 3 years, I finally visited the German Toy Museum with Junior the day before yesterday, and I was very pleasantly surprised! It truly is a treasure trove of yesteryear toys!

If you are visiting the place, don’t be alarmed if it seems ‘closed’. Simply ring the bell and there is a very friendly man who opens the gate. After getting upstairs, I was simply thrilled with all the toys on display. From doll houses to model cars and trains, school rooms to tin soldiers, this museum will not disappoint the young or the old.

Each room, (yes!! there are rooms of toys!) has on display different kinds of toys and there is a recording on a CD that describes the different exhibits on display. What really struck me was how well the toys were maintained. I don’t want to spoil the show for you much, but Junior and I were both thrilled with the toys – Junior with a model train on tracks that was remotely operated and I with the beautiful doll house. (I’m not entirely sure which one of us is thrilled more :)).

They don’t allow photos to be taken, so I suggest you adhere to their rules. Some things, I think, are better inscribed in your memory. I had to beg the lady who runs the museum to let me take two pictures to include on this post! I must also mention the very friendly gentleman who gives you an explanation of the toys as well.  Entrance tickets are very decently priced at Rs. 100 for adults and kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and another visit is due with Junior and Daddy! This one really is not meant to be missed and is fully worth your time.

Contact Details: German Toy Museum – von Heimendahl Collection – No 421 Havelock Road, [1st Floor], Colombo 06. 0771106224  0112588276 .

Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 2 will follow. If you know of any more places that is worth visiting, please do comment below or mail me at

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