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Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 2


So more to add to our list of ‘Places to Visit in Colombo’. What fun! There really are loads of things to do when you set your mind to it!

5. Fire Stations

So there should be a local area fire station close to where you live. I’ve visited two with Junior actually within the years, though now that he’s older, I think another is due very soon. If you are taking a group of children, it’s best to call them before hand and just give them a  heads up or else if you do turn up at the station, you’d find that the firemen aren’t very rude. Quite the opposite really, they are very polite, very interested and very helpful in giving information to you. If you are lucky, they’d let you climb into some of the engines and other mobile equipment while you are there. They also go through a very helpful demo on what you should do when there is a fire that is really informative to adults and kids both!

Cameras are allowed and so you can get a lovely pic with the local fireman! So don’t forget the camera. Obviously, there’s no entrance fee or anything!


Contact Details: Colombo Fire Service Department, T B Jaya Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka  +94 71 8333 894

6. National Railway Museum

This is super super super fun! Junior, Daddy & I visited the museum around 3 years ago when it was just being opened to the public. It didn’t have any publicity back then, hardly anyone knew it was there. In fact, there weren’t any other visitors the day we were there. There were many trains and train artifacts around. At the time we went, we were able to get right into the train engines and the freight cars, I’m not sure though if that’s allowed now. It’s super cool. As you enter, there are cool plaques, railway station clocks and other plaques which are interesting.

If your little one shows interest in trains, this is a place filled with super cool stuff. It even has a tank engine just like Thomas the tank Engine!

Finding it for the first time was a bit tricky, being in a part of Colombo which is less frequented to. Nevertheless, it was super fun!


Contact Details: Railway Headquarters, Sri Lanka Railways, Colombo 10.  0112435845  0112421281 Ext 571

7. National Zoological Gardens

For many many reasons, I never visited the local zoo. I had heard that the animals weren’t well taken care of and the place smelled, the horror stories of mosquitoes breeding didn’t further encourage me. However, having made up mind that we are to have fun this holiday, Junior was slathered on with mosquito repellent and ‘sticker-ed’ with a anti-mosquito patch and hat in hand, we decided to give it a go.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised. I hate queues and had to stand in one luckily not for a long time. The zoo didn’t smell! There weren’t any mosquito either, though it’s always a good idea to have some repellent on. As for the animals, I loved that they had so much! The tigers, particularly the Bengali tiger was a pure beauty. They had otters, pigmy hippos, orangutans, giraffes, bears, leopards and so much more.

There were pros and cons about visiting the zoo. Junior & I were both saddened by the fact that there were many people who didn’t respect these beautiful creatures who were caged and away from their natural habitats. There were many who were trying to awaken sleeping animals or tease aggressive animals like the red bottomed monkey. We were very saddened by these behavior, but it did serve as a lesson for Junior that all forms of life, even caged ones, were not intended for our ‘entertainment’.

Even with the few things that did annoy me and Junior, it was a pleasant visit. Cameras are obviously allowed so don’t forget yours!


Contact Details : National zoological Gardens  Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Dehiwala. +94112712752-3

Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 3 will follow. If you know of any more places that is worth visiting, please do comment below or mail me at

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