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Positive Disciplining – Different Ways to Discipline Your Child

mother-827754_640Disciplining your children is not treating them in certain ways to make them submissive. It is about teaching them basic safety issues and the socially acceptable ways to behave so that they grow up to be fair and responsible adults. Children who are disciplined with love and attention instead of harsh words and physical punishment learn about healthy behavioural boundaries and healthy relationships.

Here are some different ways to discipline your child:

  • Spanking is a NO NO! – Physically reproaching a child will lead to extremely negative consequences which can only worsen the situation both in the short and long term. As a parent, plan out a way in which you will discipline your child without physically hurting him.
  • Natural Consequences – natural consequences can only deal with situations where your child is NOT in physical danger. In these situations you will let your child discover for himself what would happen if does not listen to you. For example if he tries to break a toy, even after repeatedly told not to, you sit and wait till he realises that after breaking the toy the natural consequence is that he can no longer enjoy and play with it. Needless to say, this only works if you do not buy him the same toy again!
  • Logical Consequences – In this instance, you step in and create a consequence. For example, if your child does not pick up his plate and cup and keep it in the sink, he cannot have dessert.
  • Withholding Privileges – in these instances you withhold certain privileges if you child does not listen to you and corporate. The key is that you withhold privileges, make sure that you never withhold basic and essential stuff like meals, snacks, water etc. Choose something that is related to the issue. For example if he doesn’t pick him his toys you can withhold his privilege of playing with for a day.

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