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Preparing for Breastfeeding

by MumsiblesG

Preparing-for-breastfeedingA woman’s body is simply amazing. Not only can it make life, it can provide the sustenance that the baby needs to grow.

By around the second trimester, your breasts start to produce colustrum which is the pre-milk that your baby needs during the first few days. Colustrum is low-fat and high in protein and helps strengthen your newborn’s immunity system.

Preparing Yourself for Breastfeeding is important to ensure that you have a positive breast-feeding experience.


  • Check if you have inverted nipples. If that is the case you can use breast shells that will draw your nipples out. These can be used from the 5th month onwards. This is very important in preparing for breastfeeding. You can also talk to your OBYN for more details and discuss necessary options.
  • If you have heard anything about a process of ‘toughening’ your nipples for preparing for breastfeeding, forget about it immediately. If at all, this is the complete opposite as you need supple nipples and toughening them will only cause them to crack.
  • Take care of your breasts. Your breasts produce a natural oil in the areola glands. Try to use a soap free wash or a mild wash that will not dry out these oils which will prevent them from going dry and cracking them.
  • During the last six weeks of your pregnancy, gently massage your breasts to clear out any blocked ducts. Do not express any milk out. That being said, do not be worried if you do leak or have any leakages when your breasts are stimulated.
  • Discuss with your doctor and make sure that your delivery team is aware that you wish to breastfeed and as such no formula or bottles should be given to your baby unless medically needed.
  • Try as much as possible to have a natural delivery. In case you medically need one, there is of course no choice, but do try the normal way as some studies indicate natural birth helping the breast feeding process.
  • Part of the breastfeeding journey is a mental one. So as your body starts to make it’s changes, your breasts becoming bigger, visualize yourself feeding your newborn. You need to be confidents and so remind yourself that breastfeeding is a basic, powerful biological system and you can breastfeed.

There are also breastfeeding essentials that you will need to prepare for breastfeeding. Please read our posts for more information:

If you have any more details or experiences you would like to share – please do so by commenting below :)

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