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I didn’t know that  existed till I needed to get dinner from Koththuville delivered. I thought I was calling Koththuville to make my order and then I found out that is a delivery service that handles delivery of a number of miscellaneous items in and around Colombo. I have no become a really big fan of theirs, for many reasons 🙂

logosmall1 is like I said essentially a delivery service; you can visit their website and see that they have tied up with a few restaurants in and around Colombo from which you can order you meals from. Since they are open from 10am to 3am, it’s rather a cool service.

Apart from the restaurants they have tied up with, there are other products which you can buy from them, these include things like Pringles, happy Cow Cheese, Soap, Toothpaste – basically things which you may run out off and decide to call someone to deliver it to you as opposed to getting in the car and making a special trip to get it. With the delivery charge being just Rs.100 it is quite worthwhile, especially since they don’t have a minimum order quantity or amount!

So if you are wanting some Kothu from Pilawoos or Koththuville, or need you are busy at work and need some Redbull , this is the website you need to visit.

Once again, the layout of the website is very simple and basic. You login – shop by selecting the products you want and checkout. You can choose to pay cash on delivery or use your credit cards when the goods are being delivered to you – which is also a great plus for those of you who are little vary of entering your credit card details over the net!

Take a look in case you’ve run out of stuff or you are craving for Pillawoos Koththu in the night (like we all have at some point of the other!!) and are too lazy to get into the car and drive – you have your solution!!



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