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Review – ‎Schakasz

We visited Schakasz a week back. They boast of being the newest – if not the only dessert bar in Colombo but how good are their desserts? We have quite a few places in Colombo that serve desserts and have set the bar really high… have they matched up to it? Read to find out.


So you can’t really miss Schakasz‬, coming up what I call the ‘Gandara Road’ aka, Strafford Avenue in Colombo 6, Kirulopane. They have a teal canopy with a prominent board and a beautiful etched window. Parking is not really an issue, the long one way stretch has a lot of parking and if does get tight, there’s a little land right next to it.

Walking into Schakasz‬ you get the smell of baking goodness. Chocolate, buttery batter and vanilla all floating around and that about get’s your trip started! I love the feel of Schakasz‬, clean, white crisp…. and then you see the display of desserts! When I walked in, the lady behind the counter was a slicing a chocolate cake and really I had to try really hard and pull it together and not do the swallow in public thing. I knew I had to have the chocolate cake. They looked sooo very good and from what she had already sliced I could see that the portions were generous enough.

So I got a slice of the chocolate cake, a slice of the no bake cheesecake and an apple crumble. We got home and had it for dessert. First of all – goodness, oh my god the goodness! The chocolate is insanely good. All chocolate and nice, it had just the right amount of sugar and was lovely. Now usually cheesecake at home is for hubby, tried a bit of that too and that too was really good. The apple crumble I kept or tea time and I have no complaints.



So the obvious verdict is – yes we loved it! The desserts were so good, I can see myself with more chocolate goodness soon! They have seating, so if you are looking for a place to enjoy your dessert, seating’s available or like me, you can always grab it and enjoy it at home.

Oh and yes! They also seem to have introduced more desserts – I’m really looking forward to trying out their ice cream and their black forest pavlova, yes you heard me correct!!

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