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Belly Bees

It’s absolutely lovely to see that Belly Bees are expanding their range of baby food. When we first heard of  Belly Bees few years back, they had just introduced their ready-to eat infant puree food jars to the market and we were thrilled to have a mum from our team try out the Belly Bees baby jars with her baby. If you haven’t already checked out that post out, here it is.


Since then though, they have expanded their ready-to-eat infant food jars to a lot more flavours, packed with nutrition. Additionally, they have introduced new infant and toddler food products to include snacks such as rusks and snack puffs. The latest addition to their lovely range of baby food is the Baby Cereal with Milk for babies 6 months and upwards.


As before, I’m utterly thrilled to see local manufacturers producing quality and nutritious food made out of local goodness for our kids. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Belly Bees range of products, let me give you a small background to their story. Belly Bees Infant and Toddler food products is the ‘baby’ of a Sri Lankan mum – Rohanthi Alahakoon Wijewickrama, who was on the lookout for locally manufactured baby food that were made with local goodness, (i.e, locally sourced food) with no preservatives to give to her infant and toddler children. Out of her very own need, the idea to produce such food for babies and mummies was born and as such, Belly Bees has gone from strength to strength from its inception. Their products are made at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
Their latest addition, Baby Cereal with Milk is made from local goodness and contains local red rice, white rice, green gram, milk solids and soya corn. So in short, all the goodness you and I grew up on! To prepare, you just need to add previously boiled, lukewarm water, mix it up and you can be assured that your little one is getting a nutritious meal.


Mummies take note – this cereal has NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES, COLOURS OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, it really doesn’t get any better than this!


We got one of our mummies who has just started to wean her baby to try it out. Here’s how it went!

Success, I now have an easy go-to-meal for my little one and I’m sure that mummies out there would love it as well! I tried out Belly Bees Baby Cereal and am thrilled that my little one loved the taste of it. There’s no need to add more milk, since it’s already included. The consistency is lovely – smooth and I’m happy to say, that l’il one just chomped with satisfaction! I’m sure you mummies out there would love this too – particularly since there’s no preservatives at all!


Belly Bees has come a long way in a short time which I think is partly due to parents realising that this is a brand that is about safe, affordable ready-to-eat food for their infants and toddlers and due to Rohanthi’s dedication in producing such food. Rohanthi’s commitment has already seen her being honoured at Sri Lanka’s Entrepreneur Awards last year. She has also received the International Women CEO Award and 2nd Best Start up in Sri Lanka at Venture Engine 2016 and became Sri Lanka’s Top 10 Outstanding Persons in 2016 .

We wish Belly Bees and Rohanthi all the very best and can’t wait to see what else she will be introducing as a part of her read-to-eat food for babies and toddlers.

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