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Review – Bellybees Baby Food

Contributor Writer First Time Mummy!


I was absolutely thrilled to see this new baby food under the brand name Bellybees available in Sri Lanka. There are times when the necessity arises to use bottle food for your baby. Sometimes, when you are vacationing and need something for your baby on-route or you could be badly sick and unable to make your own food (being, maid-less, sometimes these things happen :)) and sometimes, it’s just something different for your baby to enjoy!

What’s great about Bellybees, of course is that it is manufactured in Sri Lanka. Firstly, they don’t use any preservatives, all ingredients are a 100% natural and the flavours are fruits that are available locally. Bellybees is available in the following flavours Papaya Mandarin, Mango and Apple and my little man Little Man tried Mango first! After tasting a spoonful of it, I can understand why my little man didn’t fuss about having it!

Bellybees is a product of Quebeeden and manufactured at the SMAK facility and is made and packed in a sterile environment. I must say, growing up with SMAK juices when I was small and having heard the name around for years inspires a certain confidence in me giving my little man a product manufactured by them. The price of a bottle is very decently priced at Rs 185 Making it rather affordable. You can grab your bottles at Laugh, Aprico, Keells Supermarkets and at


They have also recently started introducing toddler snacks which are manufactured at Cerestar (Pvt) Ltd, is especially designed for children over 15 months old and who are accustomed to chewing solid food which is great tasting Crispy Fruit Chews that delivers a delicious banana and apple flavour with an intriguing crunch from crisped rice flour, corn flour and wheat flour with no added preservatives. Each comes in a pouch that makes it easy for children to enjoy and convenient for parents and enriched with nutrients even for the little fussy eater.

Grab your packs and jar of Bellybees baby food today, I’m sure your little ones will love it :)

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