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Review – Body By Kris

by Co-Author Kay


One of the best places to be…

If you are looking to shed some pounds and look great then you are certainly looking for a gym or a workout class to join.

Choosing a gym means more than just calling and inquiring about the rates and facilities. So we at Mumsibles are checking some places around and will give you the low-down and help you to find the best gym(s) in town. First stop, we have Body By Kris.

I walked into the gym with my friend and was greeted by friendly staff. Once I explained my requirements about the workout they took me around the gym, explaining each and every machine. First it was the cardio machines. The one I settled in was a high powered machine which was ideal for running. As expected, I had a smooth and comfortable 45 minute workout. Then I was off to do an upper-body workout with a trainer. The trainer first explained the workout and about the areas of the body the workout targets. Although he was helping others during the time I was working out, I did not feel as if I was left out. The level of attendance of the trainer was more like when I was in a personal training session.

The gym occupies half the level of the building it is in. Cardio and the weight sections were separated within. The atmosphere is cosy. Gyms can get stuffy and smelly but this gym had an excellent airflow with heavy duty air conditioners and fans.

The cardio section was equipped with a line of treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, cycles, step masters and so much more. No matter what time you go, (peak or off peak) you are guaranteed that you will never go without a machine.

The weights section looks like a sea of machines. It has cabled ones, free weights and many different forms of weight training machines. (I practically live in the gym and even I didn’t know the names of some of the machines. :P)

What is more interesting is the fact that they are having a ‘Cross Fit’ section as well. That’s great news for our ‘Cross Fit’ lovers.

Ladies wash rooms and locker rooms are clean. There’s a maid readily available to attend to the cleanliness of the washrooms.

Workout classes are mostly available in the evening. Available group classes are aerobics, yoga, kick boxing and zumba.

The gym has a section where they stock whey proteins and snacks readily available for members and non members to purchase. There’s also a fridge full of healthy juices.

Also what grabbed my attention was the availability of deodorants and shower gels to purchase from the reception.

Body by Kris is on the 4th Floor of 135 Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala. You wouldn’t miss it since it’s conveniently located above Keells Kohuwela. Gym is open from 5 AM to 12 AM on weekdays and weekends which is great for members who want to go there after work.

I had a wonderful time working out at Body by Kris. I would recommend anyone to go and checkout the gym to decide how to start a happy and a healthy life. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Contact Details- 4th Floor, 135 Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala. Tel: 0112825749

Image Courtesy – Body By Kris fb page


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