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Review – Constructive Eating – Feeding Kids Creatively!

by Mumsibles G

Feeding kids creatively?! I don’t have to convince you, we all need that 🙂


Check out my personal experience in using this wonderful product!!Junior was always difficult to feed (sign! still is!) and is quite a fussy eater. When he was younger it was quite a song and a dance getting him to eat – from preparing various exciting dishes, which to me was like a MasterChef Final Competition all the time – going up to my little judge was never easy :p

I was blessed enough that a mate of mine sent this to me from Oz, I loved constructive eating and honestly, take a look at it, who wouldn’t! Junior was around 2 when we started using it and I loved the fact that it motivated him enough to open his mouth, munch up the food, and go for his next bite. The plate and the utensils – which were the front loader spoon, bulldozer pusher and forklift fork really did some heavy lifting!

The thing with such creative cutlery is not that it just gets your little one’s mouth open to pop some food in (I know!! always welcome!!) but it also gets them wanting to eat by themselves. I’m all for teaching kids independence and this is really a great way to make a start. It teaches them hand-mouth coordination and gets them eating by themselves on the table with the grown ups. The handles are easy grip, they are BPA free so it makes a super safe product to be used by your child. What’s more Occupational & Speech Therapists have approved this as an excellent way of improving language and sensorial development at meal times!

Junior has outgrown his at the moment and sadly they are kept away now but they did have some fun times, taught my little one Table Manners and had some real tasty meals.

Now having said all that, I wouldn’t be too worried about a bit of playtime during their meals. After all you are young only once and there will be plenty of time for kids to be serious later, so there! Let them eat creatively!constructive eating

Happy Eating! Till Next Time!


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