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Review – Plex Hobby Craft Range

I have for sometime been a huge fan of the Plex Range and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the new Plex Hobby Range on display at a toy shop I frequent. The new Plex Range it seems is a range of Hobby Crafts that boys and girls a like can enjoy!

photoAs with the last Plex Toy I reviewed – the craft toy comes wonderfully packaged in a re-usuable, sealable box! I said this last time, but honestly, I need to say it again!! Phew – Thank God for the toys that come with boxes, makes storage that much easier! So whether you wish to store the craft supplies that come with the set you buy or something else – storage is something you don’t have to worry about.

I got Junior and his little friend a Sri Lankan styled clay till and a rabbit shaped till. Never too early to start getting them used to the habit of saving and honestly, this particular craft does two jobs in one – a wonderful evening craft and helps remind children the importance of saving.

When you open the craft box, the essential supplies for the craft are all neatly packed – the brushes, paint, till, glue, glitter and the clay till. I expected a till that once full would have to be smashed to retrieve the money – so I was quite impressed with the fact that there was a rubber seal that can be used to retrieve the money and be replaced to save more. Actually very impressed with the toy maker for not doing a shobby job of a on-time usuable till.

photo 2
The Goodies you get with the Sri Lankan Style Clay Till – Glitter and Glue Too!

photo 3
Neatly packed with paper too

photo 4
Rubber sealed till so that it can be reused

photo 5
Inside the Rabbit Till

photo 12
Carefully Packed

photo 31
You even get an Instruction Sheet with a Guide for Color Mixing

So as usual when during the craft, I layed down the newspapers and got the boys to sit down with their clay tills and from then on – they were on their own to paint, mix and color the tills any colors they wanted – so we ended up with a colourful bunny and a striped till.

photo 1
Work In Progress – Sri Lankan Style Clay Till

Work In Progress – A Very Colorful Rabbit Till

I’m quite a happy Mum – the boys had an evening of creative and productive fun while I had a few minutes to be done with a book that needed an urgent review done of! And the next day when Junior’s till was done – he didn’t waste any time on gathering all the loose change around the house to fill the till!

I loved the Plex Hobby Range and more importantly – Junior did too! He has marked some of the other crafts that he wants to get his hands on and we are looking forward to seeing more craft ideas being incorporated into the range.

As I said with on my last review, the price of the Plex Hobby Craft Range makes it very affordable to carry as a gift whether it is a casual gift or for a birthday. So next time you’re visiting a friends home with a child or for their birthday grab one of these – it’s all about making kids productive and the price honestly makes it wonderfully easy!

by Mumsibles G