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Review – Ruby by Cynthia Bond

by MumsibleG


Read on to find out what we thought of Ruby by Cynthia Bond!

Chosen as Oprah’s Book Club Read this time, Ruby by Cynthia Bond is a debut novel. From the onset, you can see that Cynthia Bond is very talented, her descriptions and general pose is lazy but beautiful at the same time, picking up tempo where necessary to hammer in the most important scenes in the book.

The story explores the relationship between Ephram Jennings and Ruby Bell the town one-time beauty who met once by chance when they were kids and Ruby Bell’s supposed downfall thereafter as adults.

Ruby by Cynthia Bond, explores disturbing aspects of human nature, the hypocrisy of some and how they affect the lives of others. Some parts of this book had my heart in my throat, shocked while other parts had me happy and believing in the good-will of the few people out there. Sadly it seems that it was always the way of the world.

This is not a light ‘flimsy’ book that you can skim through, it is very deep and some parts of the book can be slightly disturbing and haunting, hours after reading it I found myself still attached to the book which of course means that Cynthia Bond’s has done as superb job as a debut novel.

Be warned, as much as the book is good, and I do keep saying it’s a good book, one I’m glad that I’ve read, it does drain you. It feels heavy and I had to read an Agatha Christie to get over it!!

Final thoughts…. would there be a movie of Ruby by Cynthia Bond? If so I think Halle Berry would make a great Ruby and for Ephram… I think Denzil :)

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