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Review – Spooky Reads for this Halloween

imagesAre you in the mood for a spooky read this halloween?

The weather these days is absolutely super to creep under the sheets and read a good scary book! Don’t you agree?

While Halloween is not a traditional holiday of ours, it’s hard not to get excited by it – with all our little ones dressed up, the older ones off to their teen parties and all the fun crafts along the way, I think we deserve a bit of fun too. I’m not particularly one for scary movies, they scare me too much. But with reading a scary book – I can control or at least shut the book and lock it away if I get too scared. So for me, reading a spooky read is one way of celebrating halloween!

So here goes – our top Spooky Reads this Halloween!!

Ghost Bride – Yangsze ChooThe-Ghost-Bride

Never judge a book by it’s cover is never more true than in this case! The cover give a sense of a rather romantic book  and as the name suggests – I thought it was a book about lost love.

Boy was I mistaken! The book is super cool and scary at the same time. What ran very true and rather relatable to me was the chinese mythology on the dead and on funeral and after funeral customs, which I must say had a few simaralities with what’s locally said. It’s not too scary, just slightly creeps you out as you imagine the hungry ghosts who had not had enough offerings from their families to make it to the netherworld or to be born again!

Do read if you want something creepy!

Rooms – Lauren OliverRooms+hc+c

Mm so I never had watched that Nicole Kidman’s movie The Other’s. But I presume it’s slighlty like this. What it essentially is about is the death of person who lived in this house (Richard Walker) and his estranged family arriving to clear out the house and receive their inheritance. Unseen to them are Alice and Sandra who talk about their past lives and what their time in this house. They are unseen and their voices cannot be heard but they do ‘communicate’ through the house by means of noices from the stairs, radiators etc. Around this time, they are joined by a new ghost and it’s upto them to ‘discover’ who this new addition is.

With twists that you will never expect, Rooms is an easy and creepy read that’s perfect for this Halloween!

Her Fearful Symmetry – Audrey Niffenegger

her fearful

This is easily one of the books that fall into the top 10 books that I have ever read! It’s not that spooky to begin with. You keep reading it and there is a certain element of spookiness but it doesn’t totally creep you out. I don’t want to give in too many spoilers since you need each turn in the plot to really enjoy but the end will have you gasping for breath, I kid you not!

You have to read this – yes.. I’ll say it again – You really must read this one!

Btw – Her Fearful Symmetry is by the same authour as The Time Traveller’s Wife – so if all I said was not enough to convince you that this was a good book, this should do it!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs


A children’s orphanage…. abandoned now…

the occupants of the orphanage…… children with ‘magical and pecular’ abilities…….

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a fantasy book with the right amount of creepiness and is one of those oh-so-satisfying reads. Certainly worth reading this Halloween.

Oh and yes, the book has pictures, like in actual photographs of some of the children in the oprhanage. That certainly adds an element of creepiness into the book!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the first part to a series of books by Ransom Riggs so that’s something to look into!


24120519Aren’t the covers totally creppy??

The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters


I was leaving the best till the end!

The Little Stranger is an absolute must read this halloween! I tell you, it is creepy!! Really creepy!!! I usually read at night in the dark (since I read on my kindle). I still remember that feeling of creepiness , it was all dark and I was reading and feeling super uneasy… and then suddenly I was so freaked out that I needed the lights on – I was so scared, I ran to switch on the light and managed to bang my small toe on the foot of the bed! I’ll tell you though, I had the light on and continued to read more. It’s that good a read!

Also, if you’ve read it, please do tell me what you think of the ending! I’ve discussed this few friends and we all seem to think quite differently on the ending 🙂

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman


Alright, so I left this book right till the end because……… it totally creeped and grossed me out. I trugged till the end, even though it was a bit gross and then nearly at the end… I gave up. I know that there are loads of Neil Gaiman’s fans out there and most of them have said that this indeed is good book. But for some reason, it totally grossed me out. But just cos I didn’t really enjoy it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t too. Neil Gaiman’s a wonderful author and his books are usually good.

So, that’s my list of Spooky Reads for this Halloween – do you have any more to add?

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