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Review – Still Alice

by MumsiblesG


I knew I HAD to read Still Alice as soon as I first heard about it. I’ve always been curious about Alzheimer’s, having heard of it many times but honestly never quite researching into it. It was something that I always wanted to pay more attention but strangely kept forgetting about.. ironical much?

Still Alice, is a book about a woman who’d just turned 50 diagnosed of early onset Alzheimer’s. It’s ‘strange’ as when we think of Alzheimer’s we mostly think of it being an old person ailment. Something that happens when you are retired or basically when you are a grandparent. That’s very much what I thought Alice would be a – a grandmother in her 70s or 80s. You’ll be amazed. I don’t want to give out any spoilers but Alice is a Professor in Neurology and she is a very physically very fit person – her neurons though are not.

What can I say about the book – it’s a very very good read. Informative yet still reads like a story with very easy phrasing that makes is soulful and deep without being heavy. As the author Lisa Genova says, this is probably the first book that is strangely is written from the point of view of the patient – Alice, so it’s touching and really speaks to the heart. It gives a different perspective to the ailment and is touching – you’d know what I mean once you have read it!

Just small fact that I wanted to note before I end this review – Lisa Genova herself is a neuroscientist and Still Alice is her debut novel. (And yes, I seem to be reading quite a bit of debut novels!)

Um also, Still Alice is now a motion picture starring Julianne Moore! I have it watch it over the weekend but I think she’s make an excellent Alice! Can’t wait to watch!

It’s currently selling in more than 30 countries in 20 different languages!

Lisa Genova has subsequent novels Left Neglected and Love Anthony are books on neurological disorders! Neat!

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