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Science Activity & Craft – Let’s Learn About Crabs!

The Crab Book of Crab Facts!

Check this wonderful crafts & science activity all rolled into one. Hours of fun and really cool facts for the kids to learn!


The first part of this activity is a craft where we make the crab book covers.

This is what you will need:

  • 2 small paper plates
  • poster paint
  • paint brush
  • board or card stock in either plain or orange color
  • orange colored paper
  • glue
  • googly eyes

How to get about it:

  1. Color the top parts of the paper plate in orange and leave it to dry. Once dry, paint the under side of the plates. These plates will be the ‘covers’ of the book.
  2. Using the orange paper, cut out circles as the same size as the plates. These will be the pages of the book!
  3. Draw out the claws and walking legs and cut them out. I just had plain white board, so I needed to get these painted as well.
  4. Attach the claws and feet onto the top cover.
  5. Add googly eyes and leave to dry.

You can now introduce the different facts on crabs to your child. Ask him a few questions to check whether he has understood what you have said. You can also google a few pictures and explain more of what you have just said. These facts can then be written down on the pages. I drew lines on the paper, so that Junior wouldn’t find it too difficult to write.

Here are a few of Facts on Crabs:

  • Crabs are called decapods. Decapods means ten legs.
  • Crabs only live for 3 years.
  • If a crab looses its claw, the claw grows back.
  • Crabs are crustaceans, that means, they have an exoskeleton. An exoskeleton is a skeleton that is outside the body!
  • Their abdomen and thorax are not separate.
  • Their eyes are on their abdomen.
  • Crabs are omnivorous, they eat plants and animals. They eat algae and worms.
  • There are strange crabs. Some of them are – Halloween crabs, Ghost crabs, Blue Crabs & Hermit Crabs.

Once the Book of Facts are written, secure the top cover, pages and bottom cover together!

Tada! That’s a wonderful activity if you want to introduce your kids to a creature that lives in the sea!

“Brought to you by the Pears Happy Baby Learning Center“


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