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Science Activity – Parts of a Fish – A Power Point Presentation

I’m thinking its high time I got Junior familiar with using the computer. As most children nowadays, he knows his way around the computer. But there is an important element that we keep forgetting which is learning keyboard and typing skills. Majority of the children nowadays can identify the different parts of a computer as well knowing how to use a  mouse, but using a QWERTY keyboard is new territory.  Hence, my idea of  combining a few of his lessons with a computer lesson!

For science this time, I have a post on the Parts of A Fish. It’s a combined multimedia activity that will engage a child visually on the different parts of a fish as well as introduce him to using the keyboard.

Read on to get a downloadable version of the multimedia activity.


So let me back track again before I go on to share the link. I have been many things in my life! (Perhaps a good idea not to visit weach one right now ;p) Sometime back I was a Computing Teacher for a leading international school in Colombo. Schools start teaching kids as young as nursery kids basic computing handling skills, ex, the use of the mouse etc. In my opinion, what we teach our children at home should not restrict to simply what’s in the national and international curriculum, we should pay attention to other skills, computing being the one I’m focussing at right now.

Again, parenting styles differs and I know of some who do not let their children use computers and other such devices. To me, I see it as a different medium that can be used to teach a child.

To download the Parts of a Fish Multimedia Science Activity please visit

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