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Sequel to Mary Poppins in the Works!

marypoppinsMary Poppins is an unforgettable musical from our childhood. You, like many others, will have wonderful and treasured memories of a carefree time when we sat down to watch Mary Poppins adventures, magic and wonderful wonderful songs that I’m sure you remember to date!

Late last year, it was announced that there would be a sequel to the depression-era set Mary Poppins that we grew up watching. Though it was speculated that it would be a remake of the movie, it was later confirmed that it would indeed be a sequel to the adventures that Mary Poppins had with the Banks children. The new movie will be set 20 years after the old one and will show the Banks children possibly as young adults. 1-1964-mary-poppins-3-46c68b5

The upcoming sequel will be based on PL Travers (the creator of the character Mary Poppins) previously unadopted books. PL Travers is said to have written a total of eight books on the adventures of Mary Poppins and the previous movie was based on just the first novel.

The original Mary Poppins won 5 Oscars, including the Best Actress for which Julia Andrews starred as Mary Poppins. 545

Emily Blunt is currently in talks to play Mary Poppins though this is in the initial stages as the actress is currently pregnant with her second child.emily-blunt-wallpaper-6

We are not entirely sure but, speculations are that the new movie will show ‘a rather dark side of Mary Poppins’ in line with the current trend of fairy tales redone in the past few years.

So what do you think – will it be a good movie? Are you looking forward to it? And what are your thoughts on Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins? More importantly, would you welcome a darker side to Mary Poppins?

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