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Sharifa Rebeira – The Lady With A Balancing Act

by Kay


Without a doubt we like people who are honest and passionate about what they say and do. Sharifa Rebeira is dedicated to health, fitness and overall wellbeing and someone who calls a spade a spade.

Sharifa, is the mom of Adam, who is 6 years old. She is blessed with a figure that doesn’t even let you imagine that she is actually a mother. She’s someone who believes in ‘less talk and more work’ at the gym. Other than her dedicated work-out routine, she’s also an avid reader (who loves the smell of new books!) and tries out new dishes at home.

In this interview Sharifa tells us how she maintains herself and how she likes to keep herself busy.

Can you describe the ‘younger’ Sharifa?

“I was pretty much the same size. During my school days, my weight was around about the 45kg mark. I was never involved in sports. Its genetic, even my mother gained weight during and a little after pregnancy and childbirth but pretty much went back to her normal weight over time”

How did you take care of yourself during your pregnancy and after?

“In my full term I was 58 kg. That was the maximum weight I have ever been in my life. I did nothing as such to keep myself fit around that time. I ate the normal way a pregnant woman would.

When my son Adam was 7 months old, I bounced back to my usual weight which was 47kg any without being on a special diet. Since I breast fed my son, my diet was pretty much normal.

Just a little before we moved back to Colombo from Dubai, I got in to a bad eating habit. I used to skip my breakfast and have an instant noodle for lunch. I used to snack on unhealthy foods and didn’t stick to proper meal times. I realized, over time, I didn’t look healthy anymore, and I was losing more weight. When I checked my weight once I was at 42kg. I knew I had to make some changes, and by chance I got some advice to join a gym and that was the wisest thing I did at that time. Thereafter I got in to a healthy eating pattern. Now, exactly a year and three months later I feel fit, energized, and happy at a healthy weight of 49kg”.

What is your workout like?

“I go to the gym thrice a week. I do cardio for 10 minutes (Start) and then do weights. After that, I do cardio for 20 minutes (at the end). I have to admit though, that I am not much of a cardio person. Honestly I am too lazy to be on a treadmill or to row on a rowing machine, but I do a total of half an hour to forty five minutes as I possibly can. However, I do my weight training religiously”

Do you take any supplements/ whey protein?

“No. Because I don’t feel the need of it, since I eat a balanced diet.


About 45 minutes before my workout I would eat cornflakes with milk or oats, banana and milk and a Milo. Sometimes I would eat cheese or vegemite toasties.

After a workout I eat a toast with scrambled eggs or toasted pita bread with some guacamole/salsa. I do drink a watermelon juice or apple/orange juice whenever I can as well.


I have to have my rice and curry. My portion sizes are moderate. I rarely eat chicken and never eat red meat unless someone else makes it! But I do eat a lot of fish/prawns most of the time and lots of greens and vegetables. On days that I don’t feel like rice and curry I would prep a variety of pastas, cous cous, with vegetables/chicken/lamb in different sauces and broths.


It will be a soup or a salad (which always has feta) with either grilled fish or chicken. I would include bran crackers sometimes on the side.


Almonds, yoghurt, nature valley granola bars are my favorite snacks

I have to say, that I am addicted to chocolates. And yes, I do indulge in guilty treats like Chinese and pizzas, but it’s not a habit. I am not fanatically worried about what I eat and drink nor do I count calories because I don’t believe in living that way. I believe life is too short to keep counting calories! You have to be able to do anything in a way that makes you happy but have boundaries and limitations even with your indulgences. I don’t like to beat myself up. I do see friends for dinner, have nights out and have a healthy social life whilst juggling my home duties and son”

Why is it important for you to work out?

“I want to maintain myself. I feel good each time I go to the gym and do my work out. When you look good you feel good! Working out most certainly makes you feel healthy inside out. However, if one asks me what my hobby is, that would be reading. Books written by Jodi Picoult, Jean Sasson, Carl Muller and Paulo Coelho always top my list. I even read books from my childhood like famous five, secret seven, comics like Asterix, and tin tin too”

How do you spend quality time with Adam?

“Adam and I have a busy schedule between his school, homework, and extracurricular activities but we spend quiet time at home as well. We go out to play areas, have play dates with friends and we would go somewhere nice for lunch or dinner together. Although I am a stay at home mom, I never have had to sit down with him and play one on one. He’s always been quite independent, creative and innovative, hence he asks for help only if necessary. He’s an amazingly well behaved kid! :)”


I enjoyed my time talking to Sharifa. Her honest and wonderfully humble answers will always be appreciated. We from Mumsibles, wish Sharifa and her family a happy and healthy life.

Wishing our readers a healthy and happy life!


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