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How To Stay Fit During the Holidays

by Kay


I get how difficult working out during the holidays are, I really do. Honestly, who has any time left after the seasonal shopping, buying gifts (and wrapping them afterwards), attending parties and most importantly, the kids are on vacation too, which means we as Mums have less time to be away from home. And on top of everything else, we believe we deserve a break.  So it gets a bit easy to take a break from all the hard work we have been doing with our lifestyle too.

December is the month we all wait impatiently for. I am sure all of you would agree with me if I tell you that ‘’Christmas brings out the kid inside us’’. Saying that, this naughty little kid easily forgets to discipline herself from the first week of December. After too much of shopping; heading towards a restaurant, a fast food chain, indulging in a spiced latte at a coffee house, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, wines, cakes and puddings can easily be distracting.  After many years of self negligence I have learnt how to discipline myself. Well it’s not easy I should say. I still get tempted to eat that Christmas cake or have a glass or two of eggnog! But I do try my best.

Do you also know that we tend to put on weight mostly during the holidays? The reason is explainable and is not surprising.

  1. We spend more time sleeping (after all we are on holidays)
  2. Dining out (most of the times)
  3. Partying and drinking

These reasons leave little or no time and energy to exercise.

In this article, I will tell you how to enjoy the season while looking after yourself, looking best and bringing the best out in you.


  • If you are planning to travel, then there’s plenty you could do. The only thing you have to do is carry an extra pair of walking shoes or a swim suit.
  • If you are heading to the beach side, you can take long walks on the beach and have a dip in the pool. A walk or a jog in the morning is nice too.
  • If you are planning to go to the hill side, remember you can take a walk while admiring nature.
  • Also don’t forget, almost all hotel have gym facilities!

There are friends of mine for whom a holiday certainly doesn’t make much of a difference. Wherever they go, they are active physically while enjoying and having a good time.  There are also those who come back from holidays having gained an extra 1 or 2 pounds!

If you are a person who isn’t into physical activities, then sticking to a good diet plan is a good idea.  Please check

School holidays

Another issue is that kids are home during the season and your whole workout routine gets thrown out of the window. So here are some handy tips to follow till you get to your next available workout.

  • Intensely clean the house. I was surprised to learn that the typical moves we make at home such as cleaning, picking up the toys are similar to a workout.  So take maximum advantage of the holiday cleaning. Take few trips up and down the stairs, move furniture for a thorough cleaning and let the kids make a bit of a mess. 😉
  • Make your kitchen healthy. Always look for healthy options to cook and serve.
  • You can always work out at home. Please check on
  • Take part in outdoor activities with your kids, like playing badminton, cycling and etc.
  • If you have a party in the evening to attend to, maybe you can wake up one hour early then go to the gym in the morning and cover the evening workout. 😉 Just a tip.

If you think adults are the only people who are affected by weight gain during the holidays, think again. Kids also get affected due to excessive eating and lack of exercise. So here’s a tip.

  1. Make a plan
  2. Switch off the TV
  3. Encourage them to be outdoors.

Please keep in mind, these ideas and tips are useful for long holidays and weekends too. Every day is a good day to stay healthy.

If there’s a will there’s a way. I am sure you all will look after yourselves to start another brand new year.

We at Mumsibles wish all our readers a Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy life.

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