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All About A Daddy

by Co-Author Kay We are thrilled with our ’’Father’s Day Special’’ and are truly honoured to feature this Super Dad as our first on Mumsibles - Chrishantha Jayasinghe (a.k.a CJ), is the dad of two beautiful daughters Saveena and Shemali and the husband of Indi. It’s amazing how one could talk to CJ

Daddy Taxi

by Oxymoron Chronicles One of the privileges of being a dad to me is to be able to drive your kids around. Not around the bend – which I tend to do sometimes according to them - but around town from one activity to another. Of course I disguise the fact

Father’s Day Handprint Card

I wrote a tribute to Modern day Fathers last year and I must say the evolution is wonderful. Jokes aside, we as Mums have to pay special tribute to our children’s Fathers. They do a wonderful job, looking after our kids' mental and physical well being and on top of