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LeapFrog LeapReader Review

I’ve always been a believer that there are many ways to get your child to learn apart from traditional learning. I am also a firm believer that if your child learns certain concepts through play, they tend to stick better and they actually learn the concept behind what they are

Review – Plex Hobby Craft Range

I have for sometime been a huge fan of the Plex Range and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the new Plex Hobby Range on display at a toy shop I frequent. The new Plex Range it seems is a range of Hobby Crafts that boys and girls a like

Kid’s Toy Review – Plex! Play Extra!!!

If you and your kids get excited about toys like Lego, Meccano and toys that you can build things by yourself, this is one toy that you really have to check out and keep getting!!  Aged 6+, Plex is interesting in so many different levels. 6445