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Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

by Co-Authour Mani

imagesHi ladies!

Hope you’ve been taking care of yourselves being pregnant or not!

I was just recalling what exactly I went through when I was expecting twins and what exactly I looked like regardless of what I would have loved to look like at the time! 😀

By the time I reached the 2nd trimester I had my nerves visible quite a lot and red spots appearing around my eyes and cheeks! It’s just too obvious to mention the extra dry skin condition I had and the extra sensitivity of skin that left me to live like a goat; without grooming my eye brows nor facial hair as it would have been murder at the beauty therapists floor!!!.

However I did not neglect myself as I opted never to use soap on my face and use a good facial wash instead. I started to loose hair and that I combated by using a wide toothed comb and by using baby shampoo to cleanse it! I noticed some acne like blisters on my chest and I was told by my doctor that its due to the hormone changes in the body. It was worsened when I was expecting the twins! And yes the same rule applied, no matter what you do, DO NOT TOUCH them! Of course how do you have a wash then!? Well, you can of course have a wash and use a mild shower gel or soap but its best not to touch and try to squeeze them as it could be irritating and things could get worse the more its been disturbed!

Next came up an oily condition of my skin and I always thought that I looked like tempura out of the fryer whenever someone saw me! I did not waste my time on changing any of my cleanses as that phase just passed within weeks. However I did watch out with the creams I used. Water based were best compared to oil based creams for obvious reasons.

Yes! I never neglected my feet!!! No matter how big I was with my bump I did my own pedicure; before meals of course! 😀  I cleansed and groomed my feet and toe nails in time specially during the latter stages of my pregnancy as I got swollen feet and ungroomed feet can cause many problems like, fungal infections, ingrown toe nails, cracked soles, extra dry feet and a very unpleasant look.

As for pigmentation issues, I just used a vitamin e cream and was asked to count my fingers until my hormones decide to settle J. Its best not to scrub thinking they’ll go away as you can hurt yourself and get scars in the end.

Stretch marks were so difficult to handle. I could feel a burning sensation. As I was expecting twins I stretched from every angle all around. So i was moisturizing my tummy from day one allover the tummy and on sides of hips. Still it was only trying to help my skin to stretch with better elasticity and reduce burning sensation specially when baby leans on to the severely stretched area. Unfortunately I was told by my doctor and even learned through my own research that no cream with cocoa butter made by the best brands could prevent stretch marks.

Oh yes, my goat looking days ended by the fifth month and yes its best to use cool water as for toner after facial hair removal as skin eruptions can easily occur during pregnancy. So ladies do take care and never give up on looking your best no matter what keeps happening  to your body in a speed so fast like never before!   And one more thing –  keep glowing !!!


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