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Telly Programs I Actutally Like Junior Watching

by Mumsibles G

Ok, So telly!

I’m not going to get into the time long debate of TV Vs no TV and I’m certainly not going to get into or recommend how much of TV is good for a kid to watch. Different circumstances differ and sometimes the boob tube can be not so much of a dud!

Let’s just say that there are times when the TV can be informative and if you are one of those parents who don’t mind your kids spending a bit of time in front of the telly, I’m about to list a few programs that I think aren’t a waste of what we draw from the national grid!

Especially during the hols and during weekends I let Junior indulge in a bit of TV and with these programs, I’m actually glad that he does!


1. Up first on my list is Tales of Tantonka which airs on Discovery Kids Channel. The program’s based on a group of wild animals in their natural habitats. Each episode ends with a bit of educational information about different animals and habitats. If you are looking for your kids to expand their knowledge on nature and wildlife this is an excellent program with loads of value.TatonkaTales of Tatonka airs on Discovery Kids everyday at 08.00am

2. Andy’s Wild Adventures –ย  Andy is a Ranger at Pickle’s Animal Park, he and his cat – Kip really do have wild adventures exploring different animals across the world in their Kip Mobile! Both Andy & Kip act as narrators explaining things on the way. This program easily keeps the younger child easily entertained while giving out really important facts.


3. NumTums – Ten small creatures help your really little ones learn their counting ๐Ÿ™‚ So very very sweet!


NumTums airs on Cbeebies everyday at 08.25am with a repeat at 12.25am

4. The Numberjacks – This is for kids who can count up to 10. The Numbers are the Heroes in the series! The program has real children who are agents across the world reporting to them about number ‘crimes’. The program explores math concepts such as larger than or smaller than, size, shapes, counting by skipping numbers etc. I just love the fact that the programs are designed without being too technical, so much so that the episode remains a story but the kids are invariably introduced to basic math principles.

8Numberjacks airs on Cbeebies everyday at 08.30am with a repeat at 12.30am

5. Wild Kratts – I’m not quite sure who likes Wild Kratts more – Junior or I! The characters basically rescues animals from different scenarios while teaching kids about animals and their life. It very gently introduces kids to basic biology and zoology. A team of teens help out animals by destroying the plans ofย  villans. The team include the two brothers – Martin and Jimmy Kratt whom the program is named after!

wild-kratts-3Wild Kratts airs on Discovery Kids everyday at 04.30pm

6. Finding Stuff Out – Harrison, oh Harrison!! A wonderful wonderful wonderful program about finding stuff out! The program is hosted by a young boy called Harrison who entertains a set of related questions and sets off to find answers by exploring concepts by experimenting and asking questions from experts. Harrison answers questions like ‘Why do we need hair’ or ‘Is snow really white’. My only complaint about the program, which is not really about the program itself, is that it is aired at 10.00pm in the night with a repeat at 05.00am! Really?!! It’s terribly inconvenient for kids to catch these episodes, but Junior tries as hard has he can to keep his little eyes awake on Friday & Saturday to watch this. The program airs on weekdays too – but I can’t see many children getting the opportunity to watch it… hmmmm…

Harrison-on-FINDING-STUFF-OUTFinding Stuff out airs on Discovery Kids everyday at 10..00pm and 05.00am

7. Charlie & Lola – Ok, so Charlie & Lola doesn’t have much ‘ educational’ value. But it really teaches younger children both single children as well as ones with siblings, concepts such as dealing with anger, anxiety, friendship, sharing, saving money etc. I love this program and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to introduce children to social interaction and development concepts.

220px-CharlieandlolatomatoCharlie & Lola airs on Cbeebies everyday at 10.50am with a repeat at 07.00pm

8. Nina & The Neurons – Science experimenter Nina in her lab coat along with her lab assistants the Neurons who each have a power based on the five senses help out answering science questions through experimenting. Each episode includes a field trip which relates to the question discussed and cool experiments which you too can try out at home! A perfect introduction to science for younger kids!

images67Nina & the Neurons airs on Cbeebies everyday at 08.45am and 04.45pm

9. Play School – as the name suggests, is a wonderful program for your preschooler to be entertained by. Beautiful activities which include simple counting, story telling, singing and rhymes. This is truly a wonderful program to keep your younger child entertained.

play_school_au-showPlay School airs on Australian Network everyday at 08.35am

10. Mr. Bloom’s Nursery – helps get children inspired about nature, plants and planting. It’s a wonderful program with the cast being Mr. Bloom and a beautiful group of vegetables!!

images90Mr. Bloom’s Nursery airs on Cbeebies everyday at 09.35am and 05.35pm

11. Penelope K by the way – Penelope K by the way… is a bit weird… she seems a bit off to me, nevertheless her question and answer series seems really good. She answers such questions as what are clouds made up or what are tears made up of with ease by exploring her way with the help of a sock puppet, two cranky fish in a tank and beautiful shadow puppets. I say, well worth the watch!


Penelope K airs on Cbeebies everyday at 12.45pm


Both Cbeebies & Discovery Kids are aired internationally and you should be able to check the schedule online to see when these programs are aired locally. I’m not in anyway enouraging you to glue your kids to the telly, some of these programs are only 5 minutes long! You know your schedule and if it works for you and your style of parenting, these programs are a wonderful watch!

If you know of any more fab programs, please do share!

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