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That Day Of The Month….

On that day of the month, all you need to do is snuggle under the bed sheets and rest doing next to nothing. We even go to the extent of getting in to our own shell, and not even sighting a gym or even a walking path.


But in my own personal experience, I have noticed that being active throughout helped me immensely during my periods. I do workout even on the days of my periods as well. All I do is hydrate myself and wear a high absorbent sanitary napkin. It may sound risky, but the benefits cannot be compared. Specially, I don’t bloat as I used to do, and not much of a change in my weight also. And less cramps. Saying this, I don’t mean no cramps at all, I would say it has lessen. And the intensity of headaches have lessen. So I am a one happy woman, even during the most uncomfortable days of the month.

I wouldn’t advice any one to workout if you are suffering from severe cramps or migraine headeaches. If you have any doubts about yourself , take a break on the first day. And may be try the next day. And do a low intensity workout. Or may be you could use a walking track. All you need is to keep yourself activate.

But if you think you are up to it and ready for a workout and still unsure of what is best for you, may be you could decide on the following options.


A brisk walk is not the best way to burn off the calories. But doing something is better than nothing. So go on, wear your shoes and get in to a pair of comfy pants or shorts and take a walk down. It will certainly make you feel good.


If you think you could challenge yourself, go do it. Drink plenty of water before and after.


It’s my all time favourite. It is so much of fun and it makes you forget and ease the pain and the frustration. It’s sort of a therapy for me, even on any other day.

Dancing / Zumba

The music and the rhythm is another great way to lift your mood. It will also up your heart rate and burn the calories. without your knowledge . Also this is a great option especially when you don’t feel like exercising. at all. End of the session not just you have burned the calories, you will feel happy and energysed too.

Work out at home

Yes, there’s always the option of working out at home. You can go for an easy to do workout. Just pop in your choice of DVD or simply do the plank pose.

Mentioned above are all my personal experiences. I should also mention that no two people are the same. Its your body, so who knows it better than yourself? So listen to yourself and decide whether you are ready for it or not. Also if you have any doubts regarding the workout you want to select, please seek medical advice or speak to an expert.

The purpose of this article is to remind my readers not to find an excuse while there are plenty of options for a happy and healthy life even during your periods.

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