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Things You Can Grab at Colombo Book Fair 2014

A couple of weeks ago when I first out out the notice on our fb page that Book Fair is around the corner, I had a lovely Mum writing in to ask if I could give her a few suggestions on introducing books and reading to her little 2 year old daughter – here’s my reply! I’m hoping that it might be helpful in your rounds at the Book Fair!

139996533Right then! Pretty exciting, Colombo Book Fair is always exciting! No matter what age your kids are, book fair is an exciting place to be at and let’s face it, we love grabbing a book or two for ourselves while we are there.


Ok, so as for the books, Makeen has a collection of Dora and Strawberry Shortcake books, these have large pictures and simple sentences which a little child can engage in. Also available at both Vijitha Yapa and Makeens are Sesame Street series and Pooh Series. Again nice stories with simple sentences. My other favorite when Junior was that young was Barney Books. They are themed and there was a particular book called Thank You & Please which is good in teaching kids manners. Dr. Seuss books are slightly more expensive but also good since they use phonetic sounding letters like CAT HAT etc. The Dr. Seuss books could be in the range of Rs. 700+. If you’re little one has already ‘read her letters’ (akuru kiyanawa) you can get her small alphabet story books which well help her recognize sound and the shape of the letters. Once again make sure you only get the lower alphabet since this is what is introduced first in most nurseries! Also don’t forget to get to large copy color book so the little one can start using crayon and pencils so that she gets used to using a pencil earlier (atlas has jumbo pencils and crayons which are super for small hands!)

So that’s my reply and hopefully it helps some of you out there πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful visit to Colombo Book Fair 2014!

Till Next Time!


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