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Things to Do With Kids in Colombo – The National Train Museum

310820101014This is super super super fun! Junior, Daddy & I visited the museum around 5 years ago when it was just opened to the public. It didn’t have any publicity back then, hardly anyone knew it was there. In fact, there weren’t any other visitors the day we were there.

It’s super neatly tucked away in a quiet corner in Mardana and I suppose since it’s not around where we usually travel to, most of us haven’t seen it. Finding it for the first time was a bit tricky, being in a part of Colombo which is less frequented to. It is not that hard to find but most roads are one way over on that side of the city. I suggest making a call first and getting the exact directions or Google Maps if you can do that should help you.

There are many beautiful things to see and train fans and others will all have so many lovely things to learn and explore. Close to the entrance you will see many exhibits from railways stations from across the country dating from way back. There’s also cool plaques and railway station clocks which are interesting.

Further indoors, you will see railways crossing lights and sleepers. There were, also of course the train engines themselves. You can walk around, I’m not entirely sure if you are allowed to get into the train engines and train carriages now but back then you were able to, which was I must say fun! I remember there was a tank engine in blue colour that was like Thomas the Tank engine and my little one really went crazy over it!310820101021


So ticket prices round the time I visited are as following: Please note though that these details are subject to change.

Local Children: Rs. 10.00

Adults: Rs. 20.00

Non Sri Lankans (Adults & Children): Rs. 500.00

They are open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 04.00pm and are closed during the weekend, Poya and all public holidays.


Things to remember:

  • Keep a close eye on the roads and the directions as you get there. Most roads are one way on that side of Colombo and if you miss it you actually have to make long way back there.
  • Take some bottles of water. It’s a bit difficult to find parking and I didn’t see many shops from which you can actually purchase any.
  • At the time we went, we were allowed to take pictures. So don’t forget your camera!

Want to make a day out of it?

  • There aren’t many places around Maradana that the whole family could eat from – particularly smaller kids. If you’re looking for a place to eat out you can try Urban Kitchen in Union Place or perhaps Bread Talk at Lipton Circus.

Contact Details: Railway Headquarters, Sri Lanka Railways, Colombo 10.  0112435845  0112421281 Ext 571

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