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Things to Do With Kids in Colombo – Traditional Puppet Museum

DSC_1298This is part of a post we did earlier – a couple of years ago about Things to Do With Kids in Colombo.

So, this is basically for those of you who are planning on doing something with your kids and wondering where you can go around Colombo and for those you who are visiting our beautiful Colombo!

I wrote the orginial post from which this was taken when I found myself stuck in Colombo for the holidays. Hubby had a project on and I was stuck and didn’t want to spend the whole of the summer vacation at home playing board games and crafting. I wanted to ‘move’ around and took it seriously to completely explore Colombo and guess what? Colombo was fun! So these activities can be basically done as a day outting. To start off, let’s explore the Traditional Puppet Museum – hidden in a corner in Dehiwela!

So, the Traditional Puppet Museum is easy to miss, you may have actually passed it on and off and not realised it as it’s neatly hidden away.

I just love this museum. So serene and airy. The puppets were simply gorgeous. As you enter the museum, there is a long corridor. On each side of the corridor, gorgeous traditional puppets are hung. Some are ‘hamines’, devils and so much more. There are several themed rooms with different puppets, each room is based on a traditional Sri Lankan folklore which Im sure your kids will completely enjoy. They allow pictures to be taken, so don’t forget your camera. They also have group ‘puppet shows’ that take place, however, these are pre-scheduled and are in Sinhala.DSC_1291

You might want to consider taking younger children, there are several puppets – the traditional devils who might come out a little bit scary, but for the older child, it’s a beautiful experience. The museum also has a ‘souvenir section’ that sells traditional masks and puppets all decently priced Rs. 1500 upwards. Tickets are very decently priced at Rs.50 for adults and children. It’s really worth the visit!DSC_1304

DSC_1293Things to remember!

  • Don’t forget your camera! They allow pictures!
  • Prescheduled shows are in Sinhala but if you’d like to hang and take a looksy, it’s really worth, especially if you want to get a cultural feel 🙂
  • The traditional ‘devil’ puppets may seem a bit scary for kids, so do consider taking very small ones or simply ask where they are and exclude those rooms.

Want to make it a day outing?

  • Why not visit Mount Lavinia Hotel, which is just a bit further away for some snacks at the Poolside?
  • Have a coffee or try out the gorgeous Hot Butter Cuttlefish at Toby’s Estate Mount Lavinia (read our review here!)
  • Feel more like a pizza? Try Arthur’s Pizza at Mount Lavinia.
  • Also available at Mount Lavinia is Subway, my favourite fast food chain! Feels more healthier doesn’t it?

Contact Details – Traditional Puppet Art Museum, Anagarika Dharmapala Mw, (Karagampitiya Rd), Pinwatta, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka. Tel: 0112714241 Mobile +94773259181.

As a foot note, let me say, The Dehiwela Zoo is just around the Corner of the Puppet Museum – PLEASE REFRAIN FROM VISITING IT. We should set an example to our kids and help them understand that Animals should not be caged and are best left in their natural habitats. The Animals in the Dehiwela Zoo are in a pathetic state and we should not be encouraging the authorities by visiting it.



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