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Tips To Get Fussy Eaters to Eat!!

by MumsiblesG


There comes to a time, when almost all children go ‘off’ food. I know some kids are generally not that fussy and very easy at feeding time and there are some who are constantly difficult to feed. Even the best of them, may at some point get ‘off’ food. This can even be during times when they are sick or recovering from an illness.

I have abit of a fussy eater – and when he’s not fussy… Junior’s plain lazy to eat! So I’ve had to come up with a fair share of creativeness to get him to eat and here are my Tips To Get Fussy Eaters to Eat!!!

We all need Tips for Fussy Eater to eat, like I said, kids can simply not want to eat for many reasons – being on holiday, having cousins around, being ill or simply going through a phase.

So here are my Tips To Get Fussy Eaters to Eat!!

1. Sometimes, Junior gets bored with the traditional meals that we have. If you think about it, we too sometimes crave for different food, so it’s only fair that your little one does too. Honestly, they can be abit temperamental since they do have it every day – so why not give them a change. Something fun but tasty and healthy to eat. Mac N Cheese always go down well. Click here for our Mac N Cheese recipe.

2. Be creative with how you serve your food. Even if it’s traditional rice and curry or in this case Kiribath, get creative with presentation and the way you plate it!fussyeater2


3. Colourful veggies help, so plate up differnt colours and shapes.fussyeater4

4. If you are serving a particular meat or vegetable that your little one doesn’t like, think of alternative ways to cook the dish – you can bake or make a cheese sauce or a yum dip so that it becomes more interesting for your little one. Dishes like broccoli goes really well with a yum dip.

5. Ask them to join in when preparing a meal, your little one can do things like bringing the veggies from the fridge, stir the batter, kneed some dough or even setting up the table. Here’s how you can teach your little one to set up the table.

6. Use cookie cutters to shape up food and even make shaped sandwiches. Traditional cookie cutters can be used.


7. Hide veggies and other nutitious food whenever you can! These are some of the tricks I learnt from friends around me and by being creative!

8. Veggies can be added at all levels – from a wonderful Mac N Cheese, to fried rice with some yummy meat to mini veggie muffins which are cheesy! (Click on the links to get access to the recipes :))

  • I even have a friend who adds raw bitter gourd to chappati’s. Amazingly its really good :)
  • Add an egg into the roti dough so that your little one gets the nutrtion from an egg at the same time.
  • A meaty dish can actually have hidden veggies and be a combination of a curry or stew

7. When serving toddlers, cut food into bite size pieces. If it’s just that they are lazy – this works really well.


8. Don’t feel bad about serving a sandwich at times – if they refuse a traditional meal, you can give them a sandwich with potato curry, chicken and other vegetables all mashed up together and toast it.

9. Mayo helps – if nothing works and you’ve got yourself a really fussy eater – add a bit of mayo.. in anything! They slop it down!!

10. Offer them a treat once in a way, this could be a healthy desert after wards or a more fun meal sometime later.


11. Eat as a family. Little ones see their parents or older siblings and like to imitate.

12. Stick to a routine and have meals at the same time everyday. If you find your little one is very fussy but likes eating his biscuits and sweets, keep very limited amounts around the house and never let him snack  even on something healthy close to a meal time.

13. Have a couple of fun plates/bowls with characters that they can use and enjoy eating from.

13. Use different cutlery. Constructive eating cutlery is something that really helped feeding time at our place. Check our review out here.constructive-eating

14. Try not to make different meals for your kids after he refuses to eat the meal already prepared. This would only promote him being fussy with food. Instead plan carefully so that the meal he has would be interesting and fun to eat.

15. If you are comfortable that your little one is getting enough nutrition from his food, you can introduce ‘An Eat Anything Day’ where your little one can decide what his main meals are for that particular day. Be sure to let him know before that Deliver, Junk Food, Biscuits and sweets aren’t healthy meals. You can have ‘An Eat Anything Day” once a week or once a month, you can decide :)

Most importantly, relax, don’t nag. I know personally that as a Mum, we do tend to worry about the nutrition intake of our child. We have so many things to worry about including immunity and growth levels of kids. I had to meet with out peadatircian several times and they more than happy to offer alternatives and advice.

The pictures featured on this article are by MumsiblesG and Our Contributing Writer Laura Heweston. These are all meals that our little bubz have eaten and we are thrilled to share them with you :)



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