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A Visit to Skrumptious

by Co-Author Kay

My friends who have been to this place called ‘Skrumptious’ insisted that I should try it out since they have such yummy brownies! I actually pass this place almost everyday but never get a chance to try them out as I am always in a rush. But last Saturday, I finally made it to ‘Skrumptious’ to try out their brownies. Read on to find out what I thought of their Brownies!

9812cc3f29da781f4d6661de763e64f3I walked in to the premises of ‘Skrumptious’ which I found to be cosy and was served by friendly staff. Since it was my first visit, I had no idea what was inside the packed boxes. They took the trouble to show me what exactly each flavoured brownie looked like. Honestly, my first thought was that the brownies looked small and for a moment I thought, whether it’s really worth the price I was to pay. Still I bought a pack (Dark and White Chocolate Brownies) which cost me Rs.1,100/- and got home.

We are a family of, true to the word, chocolate lovers. My son took two servings at once and settled on his comfy cushion. And my husband, took one bite and the first word came out was ‘Divine’. These brownies are not the ordinary brownies you get just everywhere. Although it looks like a regular brownie at first glance, inside it is a completely different story. It is so ‘chocolate’ee’ and gooey. You will want another spoonful after each and every bite. It’s one of the best chocolate treats you could give to your family. If you are a grownup who loves to eat chocolates like a kid, I would say ‘You have to try this out’.

They do have a variety of brownies nicely packed and ready to go.

  • Oreo brownie
  • Peanut butter cookie brownie
  • Dark and white chocolate brownie
  • Cream cheese swirl brownie
  • Dark and orange chocolate brownie
  • Skrumptious signature double chocolate brownie
  • Chocolate mousse with white chocolate topping
  • Chocolate biscuit pudding

As for the location, it’s at Sulaiman Terrace and easy to find. Also it’s a kid friendly restaurant where kids will go crazy and want to try all their brownie servings.

So why not, go indulge yourself in a heavenly brownie?

Skrumptious is at No. 03, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 5. 07770099995