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Visit to Toby’s Estate Colombo

Oooo! I’m pretty excited about this new series of reviews we are starting off – reviewing how kid friendly restaurants are out and about!!

To start off, we will be reviewing Toby’s Estate Colombo which is based in Mount Lavinia!1001490_430480447050266_568975881_n

Keep reading to see if Toby’s passed the JUNIOR TEST!!!!

We have been to Toby’s countless times and I must say we have always loved the food. We’ve tried most of their menu!! (which is one of the reasons I recently needed to go on a diet :)) and we kicked off our Mumsibles Gym series!!

Toby’s has a pretty diverse menu, which is wonderful when you are going out with kids and don’t want to just stick to one particular kind of food – they’ve got anything from English breakfasts, Chinese dishes, Italian, and of course the usual sandwiches to yum deserts.

Me and Junior particularly like their Blueberry Muffins and Chocolate Chip Muffins, they are wonderfully big, beautifully moist and goes very well with a shake or a cup of mocha! Their breakies are also very nice and has a healthy version and a super healthy version. If you a looking for a nice place to have a family breakkie out of home or a business breakkie, this is where you should be!

Recently, we were out there for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to know that they had a kid’s menu. I really did want to get something from the kid’s menu for Junior, but Junior had is heart set on Chinese, so seafood fried rice and a hot batter cuttlefish it was. Firstly, yum!! The cuttlefish was wonderfully juicy and Toby’s had cooked the cuttle fish just right, so I didn’t have to unnecessarily exercise my jaw. Junior had his share, which is saying a lot considering what a fussy eater he is – So Toby’s passed the Junior Test!!!

I once had an event there and ordered from their High Tea Menu which was honestly value for money. You really need to take a look at that menu and taste to see that its quality food at very affordable prices! I needed these cupcakes done and the Chef did really put a great deal of attention to it, making sure he got my exact requirements for the cupcake decoration and I was beyond pleased with the outcome!


Going out, one of the main things that worry me are the frowning looks that people give when the kids start their play. At Toby’s the many corners and the outdoor area means there’s plenty of nooks and spaces for the kids to be kids while you catch up with a friend or grab a snack and not disturb the other customers. Combine this with the wonderful kids menu and you have a winner!!

Their service too has been great and consistent throughout the many times I have visited them. Gorgeous food, good ambiance and great service means, this is one place I will keep visiting!

Things I particularly enjoyed at Toby’s Estate Colombo –

Mint, Lemon & Cucumber Drink – if you are like me and love a fresh tasting juice this is a winner!

Blueberry Muffin – A winner with the Kids

Lamington – okay this one is for me!!

Hot Batter Cuttlefish – yum yum yum yum yum…. I can go on!

For more info on Toby’s Visit

Till Next Time!


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