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Yummy Bakes from Couture Cups by Rosh

by MumsiblesG


Did Couture Cups by Rosh satisfy Junior’s and my sweet tooth? Read onto find out :)

Sometime last year, I had this HUGE craving for brownies. No particular reason, but once it settled in my mind, I craved it all the time! Needless to say, I sampled quite a bit of brownies during this time :p

Couture Cups by Rosh has one of the largest selections of browinies that I have seen in Colombo, and having seen their menu on and off I really did want to give it a try, particular their Baileys Brownies – I mean, how can that combination go wrong? Well it could have, but not the baileys brownies I that I got from Couture Cups by Rosh.

Let me back track a bit, so I got myself two varieties – the chocolate fudge brownies and the baileys brownies. I couldn’t just get the baileys – Junior’d want some and so I had to order both and I didn’t want to order just the fudge brownies – I WANTED the baileys brownies!!

One of the first things I notice, apart from the pretty packaging with a ribbon and all, were the sizes of the brownies themselves! They were big! A very generous size that’s not just a brownie sample. For all you brownie lovers – this is were you should be getting your brownies from!!ccups2

So the size caught my eye first and it was a refreshing change – fully felt like I got what I paid for. I, of course sampled my baileys brownies first – I mean how can you not! It was deliciously tasting of baileys – the right amount – not over the top and certainly not a passing taste. This was a Baileys Brownie and it was decadent. I had a book, my legs up of the sofa and the brownie… heaven!

Another thing that I noticed in both the varieties of brownies were that they had hazelnuts – generously sprinkled with hazelnuts and once again I was pleased – it just felt so worth the money I spent for. Junior’s fudge brownie was fudging and chocolatey and he simply loved it munching happily as he watched his cartoons! They were moist and just the right texture.

I was terribly happy – for me this is easily the best brownie in Colombo. After tasting brownies and knowing that Couture Cups by Rosh generously uses their ingredients I decided to place my order for their Christmas Cake last Christmas. Once again I wasn’t disappointed. It was so good, with obvious quality ingredients and time and time again Couture Cups by Rosh has given me not only tasty and delightful baked goods but also goodies that were completely worth the money I spent.

Couture Cups by Rosh bakes brownies, birthday cakes, cookies and so much more. Visit their fb page for more information.


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