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Recipe – Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette is a traditionally known as Tortilla Española and is normally served cold as an appetizer. In our house though it makes a yummy

Recipe – Kimbula Bun Pudding

My two boys (Daddy & Junior) are big fans of bread pudding! Throughout the years, I've experimented quite a bit with different kinds of bread

Information Newborn

Things to Do with Your 1-12 Month Baby

Playing with your little one is fun! Yes.... we both know he is very small.... but it's a wonderful time of smiles, laughs, fun explorations

Travel Colombo

Things to Do With Kids in Colombo – The National Train Museum

This is super super super fun! Junior, Daddy & I visited the museum around 5 years ago when it was just opened to the public.

Things to Do With Kids in Colombo – Traditional Puppet Museum

This is part of a post we did earlier - a couple of years ago about Things to Do With Kids in Colombo. So, this is