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Review – Tea Avenue

by MumsiblesG


ea Avenue has now been around for at least a couple of months. I was a bit hesitant trying Tea Avenue out at first, I’m an ardent fan of Dilmah Lounge and saw no reason to try yet another ‘tea place’!

Yet now I find myself visiting Tea Avenue quite a bit. Whether it’s to grab a drink, a quick lunch with Junior or a breakfast with my friends! Their menu is quite versatile and good enough to spread across breakfast, snack, lunch and a quick dinner. I have so far tried quite a bit of their dishes, one of the main reasons I keep going there is that Junior likes it there and that means that he actually eats what is served, which is not a common occurrence.

For lunch, their pasta is a good option, especially if you are with fussy eaters! I find good chunks of chicken in their tomato chicken spaghetti and their lasagne is a treat. Their sandwiches too, the panini is quite good. I’ve also tried their chicken soup which i must say is a good light lunch if you are looking for one. One thing I miss in their menu is perhaps a good cesar salad, but that’s me just being picky. Their menu is strong as it is.

ta2ta1 ta6The variety of drink is quite good too. Even though they are called Tea Avenue, you will not miss a cold coffee or hot coffee here. I do like their hazelnut cappuccinos and the best – the Oreo shake is an absolute must try if you visit them.

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All in all if you haven’t tried them out yet, you really should, you wont be disappointed. If you have already tried them out, let us know what you enjoy over there :)

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