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Review – The Child Bride

by MumsiblesG


When I first downloaded The Child Bride, I honestly though it was a book set somewhere in Asia or the Middle East or at its very least – sometime long long long ago. So imagine my surprise when the cover picture was of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Firstly, the title baffled me and then I thought, other than hearing his songs in the background growing up, I didn’t really know much about Elvis, Priscilla or Lisa Marie Presley. I knew then unless the book was very badly written, this was one I’d read.

I wasn’t alive when Elvis died (I’m not old you know :)) but I remember listening to his songs and I went through a ‘phase’ when I was into his music and also thought he was super hot. (Seriously, how can you not!!)

Reading The Child Bride, I was amazed at what little I actually knew about Elvis or the Elvis-Priscilla Legend. I’m going to assume that you don’t know much about it either so am not going to give out any spoilers but it so complex – all the emotions and psychology behind both of them. It was intriguing. If I had to search for anything negative to say, I’d say that the book reads like an documentary off NatGeo. Some facts/parts are repeated- just like when it would have been narrated but nevertheless, content wise it was good. It is a bit of a long read covering Priscilla’s life from literally birth to her 50s.

I thoroughly enjoyed it read it, part Googling and part watching Elvis Presley’s videos on youtube.

Check these videso out for pictures of Priscilla and Elvis:

Since this is not an autobiography of Priscilla’s – The Child Bride (and that bit will shock you!) there are some conspiracies that you will read into and will get you thinking of how complex some people and some families can be and ultimately, it will make you question – how little things can infact add to make big things that can affect so many people. (If that part was a little bit too cryptic.. you really need to get your hands on The Child Bride!)

Let us know if You’ve already read and what you thought of it or read it and comment below!

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